Psychedelics & Drugs

Psychedelics & Drugs

The Bible tells us that Satan is the god of this world, the earth.
Satan is a very powerful being. God has allowed him to act with great influence
and power here, along with the other angels that followed with him in rebellion.
Who we now call devils/demons.

There is a spiritual plane that exists directly over our physical.
Psychedelics & other mind altering drugs are a way to partially access this spiritual dimension & the spirits there.

The Bible tells us that using drugs for this purpose is witchcraft & sin.
In the original greek texts the word that we translate to witchcraft or sorcery
is actually "pharmakeia" : properly, drug-related sorcery, like the practice of magical-arts.
Pharmakeia being derived from the same word pharmacy.

Don't listen to these new age spiritual teachers sent from Satan to get you to try to seek
spiritual matters or salvation through psychedelics, other mind altering drugs and many other false paths.
Jesus Christ is the only way and all your spiritual needs
can be found in the Holy Bible and through guidance from God.

Yes you can experience part of the spiritual plane through psychedelics but the experience
is controlled by Satan and demons and doing so is sinful. Christians must wait for the Lord
to return to experience the spiritual safely and with a good conscience toward God.

In conclusion, avoid any mind altering substances.