Giving heed to superstitions such as seeing repeating numbers or assigning meaning to occurrences such as if you trip your foot or hear a certain noise or see a certain animal, is a good way to be lead by demons.

These things should not be regarded. It is Satan and demons attempting to communicate with you, to lead you in a false way.

I used to give heed to these signs or omens. Such as seeing repeating numbers 11:11, 555, 844, 777 etc. and I had assigned meanings to each of them. Thus, I was able to be manipulated in certain ways by my attention being drawn to these numbers. The meanings were not true at all and were affecting my state of mind to a great extent in certain times.

If you realize the truth of these occurrences, that they are demonic, and ignore them, they will go away and you will no longer notice them.

That is not say to say we should not regard all peculiar occurences in our lives. We should regard all bad things/evil that happens in our lives. For God will bring evil upon us if we begin to go astray, doing things contrary to His will. He will make unpleasant things begin to happen to us to get us to return to Him in obedience so we perish not. These things should be regarded and taken as a message from God. Not all evil that happens to us is a rebuke or chastisement, some things are to help us grow and test us, such as persecution from our enemies. But God will also use our enemies to persecute us if we begin to go astray as well. We must use proper discernment and take everything to God, seeking Him and His will, to find out the truth of all matters.