Gospel Discrepancies?

The only English Bible I trust is the King James Bible. If you read through the gospels, for those with a keen eye, you will likely notice that in a few parts, at first glance, some parts appear to not line up. But, if you just dig a little deeper and use some logic and reasoning you can make sense of what happened and why scripture is set up the way it is.

For example after the Lord was laid in the tomb and the women came to embalm the Lord's body with the spices they had bought. You can read Matthew's account in chapter 28, Mark's in chapter 16, Luke's in chapter 24 and John's in chapter 20. If you read them one after the other, you will notice at first glance that there may appear to be discrepancies. For example Matthew says that Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to the sepulchre in the morning. Mark says Mary Magdalene, the other Mary, and Salome came to sepulchre in the morning and John says that Mary Magdalene came to the sepulchre early in the morning and does not mention the others.

So which gospel is correct? The answer is all of them. There is no discrepancy. If you just use logic and see that the gospel writers simply left out different pieces of the story, intentionally, there is no discrepancy. Why was this done? Perhaps they each had a certain aim or point to make and only wrote down the most important details relevant to get the picture across. Some believe that each of the four gospels has a certain facet of the Lord Jesus Christ that each gospel shows/highlights and thus why we see there are differences (one leaves out one piece of info, another adds more, etc. etc.), but not discrepancies, in the different gospels.

The gospel of Matthew showing Jesus the King.
The gospel of Mark showing Jesus the servant.
The gospel of Luke showing Jesus the man.
The gospel of John showing Jesus the God.

Matthew Mark Luke John King Servant Man God

I am not saying that that is the reason for every difference in each of the gospels. But God has a purpose for making each of the gospels different in that they include different pieces of information than eachother. It's that simple, there are no discrepancies, one gospel sometimes just leaves out or includes more or different information than the others. It is our job to dig deeper and piece the puzzles together. When you do that you are able to get a bigger picture of Christ's life and ministry and who He is.

There are no discrepancies in the gospels. You just need to dig deeper to understand. Do not be discouraged if you ever see something that doesn't make sense in the word of God. God simply wants you to dig deeper and figure out what is really going. Be zealous, seek the truth, do research and figure it out.

I have found the best way to understand verses that I need clarification on is to read commentaries from some of the great theologians of centuries past, such as Ellicott and Barnes. You can find their commentaries and many other greats, all on the Bible Hub website. For example if you want to understand what is going on in Mark 16:1 just google search: "Mark 16:1 Bible Hub commentaries" and the first link to pop up should be: https://biblehub.com/commentaries/mark/16-1.htm which will take you to the commentaries page where all the great theologian's commentaries for that one verse are, all on one page.

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