Psychedelics & Drugs

Psychedelics & Drugs

The Bible tells us that Satan is the god of this world, the earth.
Satan is a very powerful being. God has allowed him to act with great influence
and power here. He has the ability to be everwhere at once.
Influencing each and every one of us. He has dominion over the spiritual
kingdom here on earth.

You've probably heard that marijuana is the gateway drug.
It is the gateway drug, but not to other drugs.
It's the gateway drug to the occult, to communication with Satan and demons.
To the secret hidden teachings of Satan's kingdom, of this world.

There is a spiritual plane that exists directly over our physical.
Psychedelics are a way to access this spiritual dimension & the spirits there.

The Bible tells us that using drugs is witchcraft & sin.
In the original greek texts the word that we translate to witchcraft or sorcery
is actually "pharmakeia" : properly, drug-related sorcery, like the practice of magical-arts.
Pharmakeia being derived from the same word pharmacy.
Drugs that alter ones mind are witchcraft & witchcraft is sin.

All drugs that alter your frame of mind are dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.
Especially alcohol. Excess alcohol is a great way to let a demon completely take over your body
for a few hours. This is what I believe may happen during a "blackout".
You don't remember because you weren't there! It was a demon.

Don't listen to these new age spiritual teachers sent from Satan to get you to try to seek
spiritual matters or salvation through psychedelics & other mind altering drugs.
Jesus Christ is the only way and all your spiritual needs
can be found in the Holy Bible.

Yes you can experience part of the spiritual plane through psychedelics but you the experience
is controlled by Satan and demons. Christians must wait for the Lord to return to experience the spiritual (safely).

In conclusion, avoid any mind altering substances. The only drugs I take are ibuprofen and Tylenol
on rare occasion of back pain or headache.