Flat Earth

Flat Earth

People around the world have been deceived to believe that we are on a ball in "space", spinning
at a thousand miles per hour, zooming around a massive sun at 67,000 mph, in a universe so big it goes on infinitely.

This I believe, is all a lie. A lie and deception created to keep us from the truth of God's creation. To make
us think we are meaningless & insignificant. To give us a false sense of reality.
To give those ignorant of what is truly going on in this world, a false hope of the future.
For all things will soon be burned up & made new.
And to possibly prepare us for a future deception. A deception which I think would involve the revealing of the Antichrist.

The truth is that you are important and were created
for a special purpose. The truth is you are on earth, at the center of God's creation at one of the most
important times in all eternity, for there is a war going on for the souls of mankind, the eternal fate
of each of us is being determined in this short life we have.

Ultimately I believe this deception is meant to keep people from the truth of the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ.

The ancient Hebrews had a good idea of what the layout of God's creation is like.

Thankfully God didn't leave us without an abundance of proof.