King James Bible
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The Bible is the guide to the sanctification and salvation of our souls. In it are the commandments and words that direct us in the way in which we are to live to be found worthy on the day of judgment.

Therefore we need to make sure we are reading from the uncorrupted word of God. Which to me and many other English readers is found in the King James Bible.

Not to be confused with corrupted modern Bibles that try to abuse the King James name such as in the New King James Version.

After studying much concerning the accuracy of Bible translations I came to the conclusion that the King James Bible is the only English Bible I trust when it comes to the preservation and accuracy of God's word from original manuscripts.

There have been editions since the original 1611 edition was created. Most of what has been altered in post 1611 editions of the KJB is the modernization of the archaic English spelling that was in the 1611. For example blinde is now spelled blind, sinne now sin, almightie now almighty, raigned now reigned, receiue now receive, certainetie now certainty, etc. etc.

Apart from the modernization of spelling, there have been other changes as well from the original 1611 edition such as corrections where capital letters are to be used. For example in several verses of the 1611 edition the wrong use of the lower case spirit and upper case Spirit is found in a few verses.

You can see how the changes since the original 1611 have not been to alter the meaning of words or doctrines as you see wickedly done in modern corrupted Bibles, but only to perfect that which was lacking by the original translators of the King James Bible, of which errors there were not many.

I have found that the most accurate and perfect King James Bible edition is the Pure Cambridge Edition.

If any of you out there truly need help getting a physical Bible, one you can hold with your hands, please contact me and I will do my best to help you.

In the following link you will find a free PDF file for the King James Bible Pure Cambridge Edition.

Please note that I did not create this PDF file but downloaded it myself from the creators own website. I do believe it is safe as I have downloaded it on my laptop as well as my phone and have never had any problems.

With that said, you download it at your own risk. If you click the link as a phone user, it will automatically download.

King James Bible Pure Cambridge Edition